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General questions about Toolbox

What is Toolbox?

Quality Systems Toolbox was created to help businesses build and maintain their management systems for quality, safety and more. It is cloud-based software that requires no I.T. department to install or maintain. If you have internet and a web browser, just register for a Toolbox account here and begin your 15 day free trial.

How can Toolbox help my company ?

Toolbox provides a framework in which to build an integrated management system. Rather than just a store for documents, Toolbox helps you with the day-to-day tasks involved in actually running a management system - like logging non-conformances, risk management, calibration scheduling and records.

It's a fully functioning systems from the start so there is no need to invent processes, or develop spreadsheets - just start 'filling the blanks' with your records and data. Using our base plan you can start by getting your documents under control and logging and closing your non-conformances. Optional modules can then be added as needed.

How much will it cost me?

Have you thought about how much it is costing you NOT to have an effective system? Hours of collective searching for documents, re-creating lost information, $ £ € spent fixing problems over and over.

The pricing page can help you determine the software costs, but you can get started from USD$100/month.

See the pricing FAQs page for detailed information on Toolbox pricing.

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