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FAQs: Pricing & Billing

Pricing and Billing

How is cost calculated ?

It doesn't cost anything to create a Toolbox user account. Once you login with your account, you can create Projects. Projects are free for the first 15 days. You only start paying for access to your Projects after 15 days. Then, Toolbox pricing is based on usage - i.e. how many modules you have enabled and how many users you have in your Project.

Monthly billing cycle for Projects

Projects have different billing cycles depending on when they were created.

After your 15-day free trial period for a Project has ended, you will be billed monthly in advance. If your first billing date was the 15th, you'll be billed on the 15th of each month going forward. Any changes you make to a Project between your billing dates will be reflected in the next month's invoice for that Project. You can have multiple Projects in Toolbox, each with their own billing cycle. There are no pro-rated charges for upgrades, or refunds for downgrades.


The core modules of Toolbox (Planning, Issues and Documents) are compulsory for every Project - hence the minimum monthly charge for modules is 3 times the module price. All other modules are optional.

USD: $25 / module

AUD: $35 / module


There are three different levels of user access to Toolbox. Managers have full access to projects, or can be restricted to full access to only certain modules. Members are typical users with read and write access. Observers only have read access.

Toolbox requires 1 Manager per project at a minimum.

USD: Manager: $25, Member: $10, Observer: $5

AUD: Manager: $35, Member: $14, Observer: $7

Minimum monthly price

= 3 x Module + 1 x Manager

USD: $75 + $25 = USD$100/month

AUD: $105 + $35 = AUD$140/month

Billing Currencies

Toolbox is billed monthly either in US Dollars (USD) or Australian Dollars (AUD), depending on the country stored with the payment method.

Australian customers will have GST added to listed prices as is owned by a registered Australian company (BusinessHQ Pty Ltd) and participates in the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Customers from all other countries will be billed in USD. Non-US customer's monthly charges in native currency may vary from month to month with exchange rate and other factors.

Extra bank charges

Your bank may add extra charges or other fees (e.g. currency conversion fees) on top of Toolbox's charges depending on location, exchange rates and bank policies.

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