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Quality Management Systems - Paper versus Web

Compare a paper-based quality management system to a web-based quality management system.

Historically, quality management systems have been paper-based. Paper-based quality systems, even those that are well constructed, only make effective quality management systems when they are well maintained.

As the business grows and resources are limited, maintaining a paper system becomes more and more difficult. Finding the right version of the right document takes much longer than it needs to, and getting performance data out of the system to help run the business is time intensive.

Some companies build their own quality system using company network drives to hold documentation in the form of various Word, Excel, and other files. If you can maintain some kind of structure in the location of files, this can work for smaller companies.

However, as the company grows, these systems become harder to manage, and it takes longer to find the document you need. Also, these kinds of quality management systems often depend on a resident expert to maintain them. When that key person leaves the company, the system collapses.

A web-based quality management system like Quality Systems Toolbox gives you a centralized quality management system that is accessible, maintainable, simple and affordable. The system has structure and search tools to allow fast access to the information you need. Staff are motivated to contribute because of improved communication, and easy participation. Automated reporting and having the whole system in one place gives you the tools you need to identify opportunities and implement improvements to your business, helping you grow. And there’s no more stressing over your next ISO 9001 audit.

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