Design custom forms to extend your records

Toolbox has a flexible data model that allows you to extend your records with extra fields to capture records as you want them. Combined with our Registers module, this allows you combine flexible forms with scheduled activities to capture any system data on a regular basis.

Assign Tasks to get things done

Toolbox allows to assign Tasks to users for most content in the system - these tasks get added to the Calendar and Worklists of your system users to make sure they are done.


Manage Projects within your system

Toolbox makes it easy to group content in the system under projects to get a more refined view of activities in different business units, or site locations, or customers - whatever you like. You can then view the system as a whole or burrow down into projects to focus on a smaller unit.

QR Codes for quick access

Toolbox makes it easy to export QR codes that can be printed and placed on physical assets for quick access to corresponding system registers and resources in the field.


Flowcharting is built-in

Toolbox provides a built-in tool for drawing and integrating flowcharts into your system documentation. This makes it easy to document your processes visually, which can help to make complex processes easier to understand.


Each module in Toolbox has automatic generation of chart reports as well as data export for your own analysis (e.g. in Excel). We can also configure custom reports for customers on request.


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