Manage Training Records

Set training requirements, keep training records and track compliance.

1. Expiry dates and renewals

A missing induction or expired training can disrupt the whole work schedule, incurring big costs for your organisation, and can put safety at risk.

Managing training with a spreadsheet might be OK for a few staff and a couple of requirements, but for higher staff numbers they’re unwieldy and unreliable.

Toolbox tracks what people need and what they have, with reports and reminders for expiry dates and renewals.


2. Training evidence

Don’t track dates in one place and evidence in another. In Toolbox, upload a copy of the licence, certificate, induction, VOC, with the training record so it’s easy to retrieve evidence of training. Download the current records in one click, without having to manually manage the old records.

Need someone with a particular set of skills? Too easy! Find them with powerful search capabilities in Toolbox.

3. Training needs analysis

Easily check compliance to mandatory training requirements and report on training needs for an individual, or by work group, by role, or see a skills matrix for the whole organisation at once. Toolbox has flexibility to provide targeted information for the questions you need to answer.

Training management software helps with changes too. Assign a new role and immediately see what competency gaps need to be filled with a training plan. Update a role’s requirements and have the change cascade to all employees with the same role. Much faster than a spreadsheet!


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