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Overview of Tasks

Using the Tasks Module in Toolbox


The 'Tasks' module can be used to address a range of business requirements, from basic project management to planning the implementation of your ISO9001 quality management system. Other possible use patterns include :

  • Planning work
  • Audit schedule
  • Training plan
  • Developing an Action plan for achieving Quality / Safety Objectives
  • Improvement projects
  • Tracking Contract deliverables
  • Tracking Grant funding reporting dates

In short,

Tasks are used to schedule and assign duties to team members, and to track their progress.

Task Folders - grouping related Tasks

Tasks are grouped within Folders - when you first visit the Tasks module in a new Project, you will be prompted to add a Folder, as below :


After adding a collection of Folders, you might end up a Tasks module that resembles the following "collapsed" view :


To expand the Task folders, click "Expand All" link highlighted above with the orange arrow, to reveal the more detailed view below :


Learn more about adding Tasks.

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