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Collecting records

Adding a schedule to collect records


Managing projects and compliance generates loads of records. Toolbox gives you a central place to store them and to optionally schedule your records collection.

If you don't see Records in your project, ask your project manager about adding it (in Project Settings).

You might use this module to collect:

  • Workplace health and safety inspections
  • Meeting minutes
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Process monitoring
  • Site inspections
  • Reviews, reports.

Add Schedule

A schedule is a container to hold a set of records, so the first thing you need to do is create a "Schedule".

Setting a due date and a repeat interval is optional, and you can choose to just leave it as an ad-hoc records collector with no set date.

Under the Records tab, click on '+ Add schedule'

Enter a Title. All the other fields are optional. In the description field, add any instructions and define what the KPI will be for this set of records.


The project manager can edit the list of Types under the Project Settings area.

After you save the Schedule, you can also link to Related Items in Toolbox or externally, and optionally upload files (e.g. a Form to be completed)

Each Schedule can have associated Tasks - e.g. track action items arising from a workplace inspection, meeting, or review.


You may also choose to track costs associated with the Schedule, e.g. if the Schedule is performed by an external provider.


All Schedules are visible to Project Managers, Members and Observers.

Manager users can add, edit and delete Schedules.

Members can add new Schedules and can edit Schedules they have been assigned to.

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