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Adding an Incident

Add an Incident in Toolbox


Under the Incidents tab in Toolbox, click on '+ Add Incident'

This opens up an initial screen to enter the details about the incident you want to report.


Enter the basic information:

  • Summary (required) - This short description is like the Incident title. This text appears in the Incidents register, so keep it brief and meaningful.
  • Incident Type (required) - categorise the Incident.
  • Incident Description (required) - explain what occurred and what was happening leading up to the incident. The more details you add now, the easier it will be to understand and follow up on what happened.
  • Incident Location (required) - where exactly the incident occurred. Which staircase? Which machine?
  • Date Incident Occurred (required) - select the date
  • Time Incident Occurred (required) - enter the time in the format hh:mm am/pm

Continue with details of the people involved:


Injured Person: Name, Phone, Relationship to the organisation - If no-one was injured you can leave this blank. Otherwise add the Injured person's name and a contact phone number. Select their relationship to your organisation (e.g., employee, visitor, client, etc.)

  • Witness: Name, Phone, Relationship to the organisation - Enter the details of a witness to the incident so that the person investigating can talk to them if needed. Enter their name and a contact phone number, and select their relationship to your organisation (e.g., employee, visitor, client, etc.)
  • Nature of Injury / Illness - Select the best description of the injury. If there was no injury, leave this blank.
  • Parts of body affected - Select one or more parts of the body affected by the incident
  • Medical Treatment? - Select what medical treatment was provided.
  • Attachments - upload any relevant files or images

Click on "Add" to save the incident.

  • The next incident number will be assigned automatically.
  • The incident will be assigned to the default Assignee (configure under 'settings')
  • You and they will be "subscribed" to the incident to receive updates when anything changes. More on Notifications
  • The 'description' and 'attachments' fields are added as the first 'action' for this issue.


Add: Manager and member users can report Incidents.

Edit: Manager users and the Assignee can edit the incident title, type, due date, etc.

Delete: Only a manager user can delete an incident. It's not recommended because it will leave gaps in the sequential incident numbers that you'll have to later explain to an auditor.

Observers can only view an Incident.

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