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Contacts Overview

Managing Contacts - suppliers, customers, distributors


The Contacts Module is used to collect the contact information of your important customers and major suppliers so that it is accessible to everyone who needs it, rather than scattered amongst employees or locked away in the Sales or Accounting packages.

Storing the details in Toolbox makes it possible to link your contacts to other information within the system, e.g. supplier issues, customer complaints, stakeholder risks, training records, calibration & maintenance records, etc.

Contacts is an optional module in Toolbox. If you don't see Contacts in your project, ask your project manager about adding it.

Contact Types

While Toolbox comes with some starting contact types, you can edit these and organise your contacts any way you want to.

e.g. Create a type called "Approved Suppliers" to easily access the list of approved suppliers.


Use the Search options within the contacts module to quickly find the contact details you need. Enter keywords, and/or filter the list of contacts by type or their location.

You can also search for your contact with the global search at the top right.


Use the Related Items field to link contacts to other content in Toolbox so the details are easily found where they are needed.

e.g. - Link a customer to the complaint logged in the Issues module. - Link a stakeholder to their Risks in the Risk module. - Link a supplier to their product catalogue in the Documents module - Link a service provider to the Calibration Schedule in the Assets module.


Upload files to a contact to store contracts, price lists, evaluations.

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