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How to add a new Contact


Under the Contacts tab in Toolbox, click on '+ Add Contact'

Enter the basic details:

  • Name (required), will be visible in the Contacts List.
  • Type - is just a way of organizing the list of Contacts. It's used to filter search results.
  • Description - for any notes or extra details, e.g. services provided, who to talk to, cautions, general info.
  • Email, Phone, Mobile - email address must be a valid format. Phone and Mobile can be anything.
  • Editor - the person who can make changes to the information - the creator by default.
  • Street Address, Region (state, province), Postcode (zip) - location
  • Country - select the country from the list
  • Website - a URL e.g. a supplier's website

Click on "Add" to save the new Contact.

You'll see the new Contact appear at the bottom of the Contacts list. It will be sorted according to the contact name when you reload the Contact's List

To add more details to the Contact, click on the name in the list to open the contact.

You can also Import contacts information in the Settings area (you will need to be a manager user).

Files & Related Items

Once you've saved the contact, you can upload files and/or link to any related documentation - e.g. price lists, contracts, evaluations, etc.

Start typing in the Related Items box to bring up a list of matching items in your Toolbox project. You can also copy in a URL.

More on Related Items


You can keep track of small tasks related to this contact by adding and assigning subtasks, via the 'tasks' tab. More on subtasks

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