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Adding Asset Schedules

Schedule Maintenance & Calibration for Assets


In order to ensure the safety of your equipment and the quality of your product or service, you need to keep your equipment in good order. This means regular maintenance, inspections, and /or calibration.

You can keep track of all this work using Asset Schedules.

First go to the Assets module and find the Asset you need to create a schedule for. If the equipment isn’t listed in Toolbox yet, add an Asset for it first.

On the Asset view, click on '+ Add Schedule'

Enter the basic details:

  • Name (required) - A brief description of the schedule. You'll see this title anywhere this schedule is listed, e.g. in the Worklist, Calendar.
  • Description - Details about what needs to be done, or the information to be collected.
  • Type - a broad category to organise and search for schedules. This list can be customised by the project Manager.
  • Assignee - is the person who actually performs the work (if it’s internal) or the person who will organise the work (if it’s done by an external provider). They will be responsible for making sure it happens and for adding the records to show that it has been done.
  • Repeat Interval - How often this work needs to be done. For maintenance and calibration, you’ll typically start with the manufacturer’s recommendation, and adjust for your specific usage conditions. You can choose 'no repeat' for ad-hoc collection of records with no due date, or set a repeat interval for regularly occurring work.
  • Repeat Every... - If you select a repeat interval of Days, Weeks, Months, or Years you'll also need to fill in a number for how many, i.e. repeat every "4" months.
  • Start Date - If your schedule repeats, we'll need to know when the first due date is. Subsequent due dates will be calculated using the start date and the repeat information.

Click on 'Add' to save the new Schedule.

Files & Related Items

Once you've saved the schedule, you can upload files and/or link to any related content - e.g. the checklist to be completed, the work instruction describing the calibration procedure, the external contact providing maintenance services. More on Related Items

Any uploaded files will be sent as attachments with the reminder email for this schedule, so it's a good place to upload any form or checklist that must be completed as part of this scheduled task.

Submit Records via email

All schedules have their own unique email address for submitting Records shown in the top right corner of the schedule view.


Any attachments on the email will be added as a file attached to the record. The sender's email will need to be listed as a user in your project.


The assignee for the schedule will receive an email reminder two days before the schedule is due, and again on the due date. The reminder email will include as attachments, any Files uploaded to the Schedule.

The assignee will also see this Schedule due date in their weekly Worklist email, as well as on the Worklist and Calendar within Toolbox.

The Asset Assignee will also receive a reminder, so they know when it's time to bring it in for maintenance or calibration.

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