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Adding Asset Records

Adding Assets


Asset Records are collected under 'Asset Schedules'.

Each record is dated and you can enter text and upload a file attachment.

Add a record

To add a record, first open the relevant schedule.

Click on '+ Add Record'

Enter the basic details:

  • Record Date (required) - Enter the date that the work was actually performed.
  • Scheduled Date - For repeating schedules, select the date the work was scheduled in order to 'tick off' the due date. The date picker will highlight options corresponding to the due dates for the schedule. e.g. If the due dates on a 6 monthly schedule are 23 May & 23 Nov, then the date picker will present the year view with May and November highlighted. You just need to select the month.

  • Attachments - upload any files to be stored with the record.
  • Comment - enter summary information, or the record data, or any comments about the uploaded files.
  • KPI - If the schedule has instructions on the usage of the KPI field for this set of records, enter the relevant information. The KPI is shown on the list view for records so it is easy to identify trends emerging over time. You can enter any combination of text or numbers.

Click on 'Add' to save the new Record.

Adding records via email

You can add records to any schedule in Toolbox by sending an email to the unique address shown in the top right corner of the schedule.


Add the address to your email address book with a more descriptive name to make it easier for you to regularly email in records to the correct schedule.

Any attachments to the email will be saved with the record as uploaded files.

Note that the email 'from' address needs to correspond to the email of a Team member in your Toolbox project. If there is no matching email address, the records will not be accepted.


All Records are visible to Project Managers, Members and Observers.

Manager users can add, edit and delete Records.

Members can add new Records and can edit & delete Records they added.

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