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Using Process Maps

What is a PROCESS MAP?

A Process Map is simply one way to provide a top-level view of the system documentation required for a typical a ISO 9001 quality management system. You don’t have to use process maps to be compliant with ISO9001, but they are a very effective visualisation tool for the job.

Process Maps can be easily extended when organisations seek additional certification to AS4801 / ISO 14001 / HACCP . The Process Map will in these cases provide an overview of the integrated management system.

Clause 4.1, “General requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard” states that:

The organisation shall:
a) determine the processes needed for the quality management system and their application throughout the organisation,
b) determine the sequence and interaction of these processes

Note 1 of this clause says that you will need to include your processes for:

  • resource management – people and infrastructure
  • product/service realization – purchasing from suppliers, actual production, customer services, delivery, etc
  • management activities – planning, system review, document control
  • measurement, analysis and improvement – customer complaints, audits, corrective and preventive actions,

The Standard contains a generic model of a process-based quality management system that illustrates the process linkages of a typical organisation. However, this model is generally not easily interpreted by organisations.

To help we have supplied you with a typical process map for a manufacturing-type company.

This map can easily be modified for service based companies or expanded to include safety or other compliance related processes.

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