How much would your company save with better Document Management?

Most companies start with a free document management system (a paper-based or electronic file and folder system), but over time, the cost of operating a "free" system increases. This happens when:

  • The company grows
  • File and folder system gets more complicated (more and more added)
  • Team changes (new person doesn't know where things are)
  • More people adding documents (not everyone uses the same "system")
  • Compliance rules demand more from your records

Even with just a few people spending a few minutes a day looking for documents, the time cost can add up quickly.

Try the calculator below to estimate the cost of your "free" document management system (based on the time it takes to find documents each day).

Once you've estimated the cost of your current system, you're ready to see the difference between a manual document management system and a digital management system.

If you're not sure exactly what's involved in a formal document management system, have a look at what is required for document control along with some practical examples on how to actually achieve it.

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