Issue Tracking

To improve, you first need to locate where improvement is needed - Toolbox's Issues module both logs non-conformance reports (NCRs) and provides a process for logging the corrective actions taken.



The standard no longer requires a documented procedure, but you must still keep records of nonconformities and corrective actions

What is 'Nonconformity' ?

It means that something went wrong. It could be in a product, service, process, where the result does not meet the requirements in some way.

Benefits to your business

This module provides a simple process to improve your business in the areas where it needs it most. Also, auditors will love you for it.

A quick look at tracking an issue in Toolbox.


Workflow for dealing with Issue

Quickly see the state of Issue, and what steps remain to fully resolve it in a systematic and documented way


Assign Issue and set a Due Date

The assignee has primary responsibility for resolving the Issue, but other parties can contribute their actions. The due date triggers reminders and notifications to make sure the issue is dealt with.


Detail actions taken

Including images, photos and files to document the actions taken

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