Asset Tracking

Many organisations have physical assets that are critical to their business or service. A formal approach to tracking these assets ensures they are fit for purpose, safe to use, well-calibrated and maintained.


ISO Standards

Our assets module provides benefits across safety, quality and risk and addresses compliance requirements across multiple ISO standards

What is 'Asset Management' ?

It means having a register of all assets, scheduling of inspections, calibration and maintenance, and storing records of these activities for audits

Benefits to your business

The costs of not knowing the condition, repair and fitness for purpose of your physical assets are significant. A non-functional asset is time and money lost.

A quick look at managing an asset in Toolbox.


Define requirements and schedule activities

Define common requirements (inspections, calibrations etc..) and link them to your assets. Toolbox adds these activities to worklists and calendars to ensure they are peformed and recorded.


Relate an asset to other system resources


Store records of activities

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