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Audits with Toolbox

How do I manage Auditing in Toolbox

Toolbox doesn't have a dedicated module just for audits. Instead, several modules cover the whole audit process - from scheduling, planning, reporting, all the way through to processing and closing out audit findings.

Here's how it works:

Create your Internal Audit Schedule

Create an 'Audit Schedule' folder in the Tasks module and add a task for each audit. The assignee is the auditor.

Plan each audit

Add details to the task and upload audit checklists and/or link to related process documentation stored in the Documents Module .

Record your Audit findings

During the audit, record your audit findings in the Issues module.

Store the Audit report

Upload the final audit report into the Records module.

and get busy closing out those Issues!

That's back to the Issues module to record your corrective actions in processing the Issue

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