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Manage the team

Team Members and Roles

Adding members

Click on the project settings 'cog' icon (right hand side) and choose "Team".

Invite new Project Members by entering their email address (1). Select a Project role (2). For Members you can also augment their Project role with per-module Manager rights (3).

In the above example, the new person will be a Member and they will have Manager rights only within the Issues module.

Click on "Invite" (4) to add the new Team Member and send them an Invitation email.

Project roles :


If you assign the Project Role "Manager" (as below), the new user will also be able to configure the project and add and remove Team Members.

Be careful who you assign a Project Role of 'Manager' - they will be able to delete team members and data.

A Project level "Manager" can remove any Team Member or modify their access level. This includes other Project Managers, and also the Project creator.


Member is the most general role, and will typically be used for most of your team members.

Members have access to add new content, and to edit and modify content that is assigned to them. Members can post comments, be assigned tasks, and participate in your Project. Generally, a member cannot delete content.


Observers have read-only access to view Project content. They cannot add or edit any content.

Because an Observer cannot interact with the project, you cannot assign tasks or other content to an Observer.

Additional manager roles

You can assign Manager access rights for specific modules to a team member in your Project.

Module level Manager users can see content normally hidden from Member users (e.g., a document in the 'draft' state). They have full edit rights for all of the module content, regardless of who it has been assigned to. Module level Managers can delete module content. They cannot modify the settings (e.g. vocabulary) for the module.

For example, you could assign 'Manager' role for the Documents module to your Document Manager to give them full access to Documents, while still limiting them to a Member role in the rest of the Project modules.

Member Status

A new team member will show a Status of "Pending" if they have not yet registered for a Toolbox user account.

Pending members who don't respond to the project invitation will eventually be deleted, so you may need to re-invite someone who doesn't respond.

A team member will show a Status of "Confirmation Required" if they have registered a Toolbox user account, but not yet confirmed their email address.

All new Toolbox users must confirm their email address within 7 days of registering. If a user doesn't confirm their email address, the Team Member Status will change to "Locked" and they'll have no access to Toolbox until they have completed the email confirmation step.

Once the team Member has registered and confirmed their email address, the Status will show as "Active".

Removing team members

A Project Manager can remove a Team Member from the Project by clicking on the trashcan to the right of their name and confirming the "Remove Member" pop-up dialog. This will immediately withdraw access to the Project for this person. They will also automatically be unsubscribed from all content so that they no longer receive email notifications.

There must always be at least one Project Manager user. If you are the only Project Manager, you will not be able to remove yourself from the Project.

When you delete a team member, you have the opportunity to reassign everything they are responsible for (e.g. documents, schedules, tasks) to another team member.

Updating team member information

Each Toolbox user manages their own profile information.

Project Managers cannot change the profile information of their project members.

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