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Add a Project

Create a new project in Toolbox

What is a Project ?

A Toolbox "Project" is the container for your documents, records, tasks, etc.

Each "Project" is a completely separate entity, with it's own settings, team members and billing.

A Toolbox Project could be used to manage a business, a construction project, planning a big event, or anything else where a team of people work towards a common goal.

Toolbox is particularly good for organisations working towards or maintaining compliance with any of the international management standards (Quality, Safety, Environmental and related standards) published by ISO.

You can create and configure Projects to suit your needs. One company may have several Toolbox projects. One person can be a member of multiple Toolbox projects.


  • A company group may use a Toolbox project for each business unit or location.
  • A construction company might use a Toolbox project for each of their major construction projects.
  • A consultant involved with several businesses has access to each company's Toolbox project.

Create a Project

Every new project begins with a 15 day free trial period.

If you haven't already created a Toolbox account, you need to do that first, here:

Once you have logged in to Toolbox, click on "Dashboard" (1) and then "+ Add Project" (2):

The following dialog will pop up:

Enter a name for your Project and select the modules you want to start with. (These can be changed later under "Settings".)

Enter the Project

All Toolbox projects that you are currently a member of will be listed on your Dashboard.

Click on the project title to access the project content.

Project Manager

When you create a project, you become the Project Manager with full access rights to configure the project settings and manage team members. You will also be responsible for payment if you want to continue beyond the free trial period.

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