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The “News” tab provides a way to communicate to all users of QSToolbox. It’s not a requirement of any standard, but can add to the ways you handle “Internal Communication”. Think of it as a bulletin board. Sending company news this way can cut down on email overload.

Some example headings might be:
* “New office opening in London”
* “We have been acquired by Schmoogle Inc”
* “It’s a boy”
* “Sales reach new heights”
* “Mega-Tender Successful”
* “Welcome to Fred in the Accounting Dept”

… whatever you like – formal or informal news.

News postings can include images and links, and headlines show up in a portlet on the right hand side of the screen:


Add a News Item

First click on the top level blue “News” tab, then click on the “add ..” button (1) in the green toolbar:

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