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This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

Use Training Events for future training when you want to be able to see the event in the calendar. They are also good for recording past training when there have been a lot of attendees to the same event, because it is easy to create multiple training records at once. To record past training for just one person, use a Competency Assessment instead.

You can create a training event for internal or external training.

The process goes something like this:

  1. Create a training event with all the details, including what competencies are covered and when the training expires (if it does). You will see it in the calendar.
  2. Add employees as attendees to the training event. They will see the event in their calendar and on their worklist.
  3. When the training is finished, add training records for everyone who completed the training.

Creating a Training Event

Go to the Training Manager and choose ‘Events’ in the green toolbar.


Click on “Add training event”

Enter the Title and a brief Description for the event. This information will be shown in the events listing and is available in the calendar when you hover your mouse over the event.


Enter the start and end dates/times. Multiday training can be entered as one event.

Provide an expiry date if the training is only valid for a certain amount of time. For example, First Aid certificates must be refreshed every three years. QSToolbox will help you keep track of these expiry dates.

Include the details of the training covered in the “Training Announcement” field. You can also add a link to the event listing on an external provider’s website.

The red square next to “Event Type” indicates this is a required field and must be filled in. Your site administrator can customise the options in this field. Select the type of training provider. You can use these two fields later to search for events.


Select the training provider from the list of contacts/employees. If you leave blank the following contact details fields, QSToolbox will pick up the details stored with the contact. To override the data, just fill in the field with the required information.


Select the competencies covered by this training event by double clicking the competency in the left box to move it into the right box. Or use the arrow button to move a selected competency across.


When you create training records for attendees, they’ll be considered to ‘hold’ these competencies. If you view the details of a particular competency, you be able to see all the events that have covered or will cover that competency.


Finally, save the data.

Adding Attendees

From the Training event click on the ‘Attendees” tab.


You can see two tables. The top one contains employees already listed as attending.

The bottom table includes a search box to find additional employees to add. Choose the group they belong to and/or enter their first or last name and click search. Only employees who are not already attending will be shown.


Check the box next to all the employees you want to add as an attendees and click on the “add…” button below.

Creating Training Records

When the training has been completed, you need to come back to the event and create training records for all the attendees who completed their training. These records form the training history for your employees, and ‘tick off’ the competency covered.


Select the attendees you want to create records for. Add a comment and choose the competency level you want to apply. Then click on “Create training records…”. This will create records for all of the selected attendees at once. If you want to upload scanned training certificates, you will need to edit each training record.

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