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Job Descriptions

This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

A Job Description contains information about the roles and responsibilities of the Job. The format is similar to that used for a job advertisement. You need to specify what functions and tasks an employee will be expected to perform in this job, and the qualifications required.

A Job Description should link to required Competencies. For example, the First Aid Officer (Job) must hold a First Aid Certificate (Competency).

A Job is also linked to the Employee or Employees who hold this position. When an Employee is linked to a Job, they automatically acquire the Competency requirements. If Mary (Employee) is the First Aid Officer (Job), then she is required to hold a First Aid Certificate (Competency).

Creating a Job Description:

  1. Click on the Training Tab
  2. Click on the Jobs tab.
  3. Click on ’Add Job Description’ button to create a new one or select an existing Job Title from the list & open “edit” tab.
  4. Fill in the Job Title.
  5. Select the Job Title this position Reports to.
  6. Select any Job Titles this position acts as Supervisor For by moving them to the right hand box. (Select and use the arrow buttons, or double click the selected Job Title).
  7. The Job Description field is used to define the Duties and Essential Job Functions for a particular job.

    Identify the main functions or tasks that employees in the job perform. The essential functions should state the purpose of the work and the results to be accomplished, rather than how the function is performed.

    Of the tasks listed, what percentage of time is devoted to each? The more time employees spend on a function, the more likely it is that the function is essential. Generally, include those functions that account for 10% or more of the work, i.e., key functions that contribute significantly to the achievement of the job. The functions should add up to 100%.

    If necessary include details of Other Functions and Responsibilities. Duties listed here are not essential or intrinsic to the job but are performed at times. Included in this section should be a general statement such as. “Perform other duties as assigned.” This phrase allows the supervisor to assign sporadic or one-time tasks as needed.

  8. The Job Requirements field defines the education, experience and training needed to fill the position. It is often divided into several sections. Use the formatting tab to select a heading level for each section.

    Under ‘Qualifications’ you should identify the minimum required skills, knowledge and abilities required to competently perform the job duties. It is a good idea to complete this section in bullet form and include suggested minimum years of related experience, e.g. “Previous experience driving earthmoving equipment required (usually 3-5 years)”. Or, “Five to seven years experience maintaining diesel equipment required”. These qualifications will be included in the job posting and will be used to screen applicants.

    Under a ‘Preferred’ section you should specify qualification that may be used to enhance success in the search of the candidate. Candidates without these qualifications will not be disqualified from consideration.

  9. Select required Competencies by moving them across to the right hand box. Some Jobs have licences or certifications that are required by regulations, legal or company policy in order to perform the duties. These licences or certificates should be created as Competencies, and then selected here. Competency requirements selected here are acquired by any linked employees as their own requirements and will be assessed (in a Competency Assessment) to determine training needs.
  10. Select the Employee(s) who hold this Job position by moving them across the the right hand box. You may have several employees with the same Job Title.
  11. Save

A quick way to get started is to add multiple job titles at once using the link. When you add multiple jobs at once, you list the job titles – one per line. e.g.,

Sales Manager

Quality Officer

Production Controller

When you submit the list, these Job Titles will all be created. You will need to edit each one to fill in the rest of the details.

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