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This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

A short 3:07 movie on managing projects with Quality systems Toolbox.


This is a quick introduction to the Quality Systems Toolbox Project Manager.

The first thing to do is click on the “projects” tab at the top. Then click on “add project” to get started.

We’ll give the project a title: “ISO 9001 Implementation”. You can add a description if you want to, and then save.

Now we have a project, we can start adding tasks with the “add task” button.

Give the task a brief description, select the date it needs to be done by, and who’s responsible. If you check the “email alert” box, an email will be sent to the person you assigned that task to.

Then we repeat that process for the next task. For the second task I’d like to add some more detail. Click on the title of the task to get to the edit form. I just add a bit of extra text to the description of the task, and save.

Back in the project view you can see there’s a checkmark under details for that task. If I click on the checkmark I can show, and hide the details.

You can come back to the project manager some time later when you’ve done some work on the task.

We’re going to add a short note on the progress. You’ll see that the note is auto tagged with the date and the username. Click on the notes checkmark to hide the notes again.

Click the title of the task to get back to the edit form.

Here I can set how much progress has been made and also link to the work in progress. We’ve started building a process map in the documents manager and I can search for process map, and then ‘insert’ it to create a link, and save the task.

From the project view now it’s easy to see how much has been done and I can click straight through to the related item.

If we look at another project with a lot more tasks, you can see late tasks are highlighted in red and completed tasks are down the bottom in blue.

Back up at the top level of the project manager, you get stats on each project showing how many tasks are done and how many are still left to do.

Quality Systems Toolbox makes it easy to keep track of everything you need to do, since tasks assigned to you from any of the projects will show up on your work list, which is the first thing you see each time log in.

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