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Process Map - video

This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

A short 2:25 movie on adding a process map to Quality systems Toolbox.


This video shows you how to create a process map in Quality systems toolbox.

First, go to the document manager by clicking the tab at the top and then we’ll choose to add a process map.

When you add a process map the first thing you’ll do is fill in the document record. Give it a number, a title, choose some categories or tags, and so on – just like you normally do for any other document.

Let’s skip to the end where we’ll fill in the version comment and click the save button.

We’ve now created a document record for our process map. We need to edit the process map itself by clicking on the edit link.

You should see this loading screen while it loads up the drawing workspace.

On the left hand side a menu where you can select which drawing shapes you want to use.

There are flowcharts, swim-lanes, and several others. You can also upload images into your account for something like a company logo,

Drag the shape you want over to the drawing and then you can resize and reposition it as you need to.

You can also search the web for images to add to your drawing using the search box down in the bottom left.

I’m going to choose the basic shapes and drag a few boxes out onto the workspace.

To add text over the boxes I need the text tool from the upper toolbar.

You can simply click where you want the text to appear, or you can drag an area to define where the text should fit into.

I’ll go back up to the top toolbar to choose the selection arrow, select all my objects and align them using the formatting menu on the right hand side.

To draw connectors between the boxes I’ll choose the line tool.

I’ll select those lines and use the formatting menu on the right hand side to put some arrows not he ends.

Now there’s a few more boxes on the drawing I can use the formatting options again to change the line style of the connector.

I want to group those processes inside a larger box.

I’ll change the formatting of the box in the right hand menu again.

Using a tool in the top toolbar I can move that shape to the back.

I’m going to label that group of processes.

When we’ve finished editing the drawing we’ll go back to Quality Systems Toolbox.

This will drop you back into the edit form so that you can add a version comment to describe the changes you’ve made to the drawing.

When you view that document in Quality systems toolbox now you don’t have to download a file to see the process map.

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