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Including Images in a Page

Did you know 'Pages' in QSToolbox aren't just for text. You can include images to make your work instructions and procedures really clear. Creating a 'page' rather than attaching a file as a 'document' makes the content more accessible for mobile u

This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

Pages aren’t just for text. You can include images to make your work instructions and procedures really clear. You’ll be able to view the information directly online which is better for mobile devices. Here’s how to do it using the ‘Page’ type in QSToolbox.

Go to the Document Manager and click on the ‘Add Page’ button.

Fill in the fields as we covered in creating a ‘Document’.

Your actual content will go into the ‘Text’ field. To add an image you will use the button that looks like a tree.


First position the cursor where you want the image to appear. Then click the tree button. A dialog box will open up allowing you to either choose a pre-existing image or to upload a new one.


If you click on “upload image here” (in the middle panel) you’ll see a “Choose file” option on the right hand side where you can browse your hard drive for an image.


Give the image a title and there are a few formatting options for the image (scroll down a bit to see the resizing options).


When you click on OK, the image will appear within the text field.


If you want to change the formatting of an image after you have inserted it, just select the image and click the tree button to open up the image formatting options again.

Just after the text area there is a field called “Images” where you can add several images all at once. These can be inserted into the text later, or you can just refer to them in the text – e.g. “see Fig 2”). All the images you upload will be shown on the Page, regardless of whether you insert them into the text or not.


This opens up an upload window where you can keep uploading images one after another. You can already see the first image uploaded within the text, so it doesn’t matter which way you add images, the end result is the same.


After you ‘Choose file’ and give the image a title. Click on “upload’. You’ll see the image details appear in the list below and the form will be empty, ready to choose the next image. When you have finished uploading all the images you want to include, click on ‘close’ at the top right.


You’ll now see the list of images within the edit form of the Page. You can click on ‘edit’ to delete images, or upload more.


In order to insert these within the text now, position the cursor within the text in the position you want the image, and click on the tree button – as before.

This time the dialogue box should show the images you have already uploaded. If not, click on “current folder” on the left hand side.


Once you have chosen one of the images, the formatting options will appear on the right hand side, just as they did before.

Save your work! When you view the page, you can see all the images you uploaded at the bottom of the text area.


Don’t forget that the Page will need to be ‘released’ before other users can access it.

Really complicated procedures?

For really complicated procedures try a video and embed it in a QSToolbox page.

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