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Embed a video in a Page

How to embed video work instructions in QSToolbox

This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

Sometimes it is much easier to understand something if you can see it. One solution is to include lots of pictures within the text. Another option is to create a video showing exactly what needs to be done. Videos don’t have to be flashy or professionally produced to be useful.

We recommend that you upload your video to a dedicated video streaming service like You Tube or Vimeo. Just be sure to check the privacy settings if you do not want your videos to be public.

Here’s how to include that content in QSToolbox so it is part of your management system and managed alongside your other documents.

Go to the Document Manager and click on the ‘Add Page’ button.

Fill in the fields as we covered in creating a ‘Document’.

On your video site, find the link to share a video. Then copy the embed code.

For You Tube:


For Vimeo:



Back in QSToolbox, in the rich text field of you page, you need to switch into html mode.


and then paste in your embed code:


Once you save the Page you will be able to watch the video from within QSToolbox.

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