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Edit a Document

This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

In the Document Manager, find the item you want to edit, and view it.

To Edit a Document, you must first download the file using the link available when you view the document record (the ‘view’ tab), and edit it in it’s original application. Save the file on your computer until you upload it back in to Quality Systems Toolbox. To simply update the document record, without changing the document itself (e.g. change the owner, or description field), you can skip this step.


Click on the edit tab in the green toolbar.


If you cannot see the edit tab, you don’t have permission to edit that document. You can submit a Document Change Request to ask the Owner to make the changes you require.

  1. Editing a Page is easy – just make the changes you need in the wsywig editor for the body field.
  2. Edit any fields in the record that need changing.
  3. To upload the edited Document file, choose “Replace with new file”. Then click “Browse…” to find the updated file you saved on your computer.

Make sure you add a version comment to describe the changes you’ve made, regardless of how trivial they were. Auditors look for this information. Other users will also use the version comments to see if they really need to update their copy. Update the Revision Date and the Revision Status/Number if necessary.



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