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Versions and Revisions

This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

What is the difference between versions and revisions and how do they work?

The Version number changes automatically each time you save the document record in Quality Systems Toolbox.

The Revision number is changed manually on the document itself and is updated manually in the document record in Quality Systems Toolbox to match.

Each time you change the document record and/or the document itself, and then save it in Quality Systems Toolbox, a new version is created. The version number increments automatically.

The Revision number is changed manually when the document itself undergoes a significant change. This is to ensure that anyone with a hard copy or local copy knows when they need to update their copy. The Revision number is generally included on the document itself and is entered into Quality Systems Toolbox to match. It may be a number, some text, the date or some combination. This will depend on the convention your company uses.

Changes to the document record (e.g. change the document owner, add related items etc.) don’t require a change in Revision number since the document itself has not changed. Usually a small spelling correction in the document itself will not warrant a new revision number either. This may depend on your company policy regarding document changes and it may depend on the nature of the document itself. Just make sure to describe any changes you have made in the version comment.

You can access the Version History of a document or page by clicking on the ‘versions’ tab. Here you will see who changed the document and when. You can also read the version comments to see how the document has changed and track when the Revision number was changed. You can preview a previous version of the document. If you have the appropriate role, you may revert to a previous version of the document (more on permissions below).


Permission to access the Version History follows the View permission. If you can view the document, then you can also view the version history. However, each version retains it’s original permissions, so you will only be able to see those versions you had permission to view originally. For example, Members will only be able to see released versions and not draft versions (unless they were the owner). Draft versions will only be viewable by the document Owner(s) and by Managers. If a Member was assigned Owner role of a Document for later versions, they will still not have permission to view previous unreleased versions prior to being granted Owner role.

To preview a version, click on the “preview” link next to the version you want to view. It will be shown at the bottom of the version history table. You can use the “jump down” link that appears next to the version you are previewing to avoid scrolling to the bottom of the page. For Documents, you will have to download the file shown in the preview in order to see the actual contents of the file for that version.

To revert a document, click on the “revert” link next to the version you want to revert to. Permission to revert a document is only granted to the document Owner(s) and Managers. On reverting a document, a new version will be automatically saved with the version comment “Reverted to version x”, with x being the version number.


  • You can revert a document in any review state.
  • When you revert a document, you also revert it’s review state and ownership.
  • Subscribers do not change when a document reverted.
  • Subscribers will receive a notification when a document is reverted.

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