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Finding documents

This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

The Document Manager starts by loading a list of all the documents you are the ‘owner’ of.

Provided you have at least one document or page in your system you will see the search boxes. Use the search boxes to find the document you need.

The search settings you used for your last search are stored for the next time you view the Document manager.


Search by review state: choose the status of interest (or more than one) and the list will automatically update to show only those documents. For documents that have not been released, you will only be able to see your own documents (those you have created or have been assigned owner of), unless you are a user with Manager privileges.

Search by ‘category’. ‘Categories’ or ‘tags’ help organise your documents and make them easier to find. One document can be classified into one or several categories. Filter the document list by choosing which category of documents you want to see – perhaps it is only ‘Forms’.

Search by document owner. Find all the documents assigned to you or to someone else by choosing their name from the drop-down list of users. (To see all your own documents, you can also use the shortcut ‘my documents’ button)

Search by text. This filter will search for the matching text throughout the document – not just the title, to find a match. The document number, title, description and in some cases the entire document contents are searched. (MS Word, Excel, and other text based documents allow the contents to be searched. Documents that are not stored as text, e.g. Visio files, cannot be indexed. In these cases, use the description field to describe the contents. )

Combine search terms to quickly find the document you need.

Check the ’include version history?’ box to see the version history for all of the found documents. Past permissions still apply to previous versions, so versions of the document before it was ‘released’ will not visible unless you were an Owner of the document for that version.

Click on the tabular report button to generate a pdf report of the current list of documents. If ‘include version history?’ is checked, the report will include the version history details.

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