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Audit Schedule

This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

You can create an audit schedule in QSToolbox by adding ‘audit’ events to the calendar.

Just add an event, select type = “audit” and fill in the dates for your planned audit. The event description should include what area/process/department you are going to audit.

When you you (or your external auditor) want to see the audit schedule, go to the events tab and search for Event Type = ‘Audit’. The resulting list is your audit schedule.


Audit Frequency

ISO 9001 does not specify how often you should conduct internal audits. Your audit frequency should be based on risk. Processes that are more important, are new, have changed recently, or are very complex should be audited more frequently. An area with a history of problems should be audited more frequently too.

How you determine the frequency will be part of your Internal Audit Procedure (one of the "The six required procedures of ISO 9001"). There’s more info in our Zero to 9001 series.

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