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Managing Workplace Inspections

Treat the Workplace as an Asset to make it easy to manage renewals for insurance, operating licences, and to schedule and keep records for workplace health and safety inspections.

This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.


Managing the workplace can be just the same as managing a piece of equipment. You need to inspect it, maintain it, and keep records for it.

So why not add the Workplace as an Asset to QST to make it easy to remember renewals for insurance, operating licences, to schedule workplace health and safety inspections, and to keep records for them all in one place.

Follow through our step by step instructions on how to plan and manage your workplace inspections with QSToolbox.

Step 1.

Add an Asset. Call this one “Workplace”.


Step 2.

Add an Asset Schedule. Call this one “Workplace Health and Safety Inspection” and fill in the details.


Set “Repeat Every” to how often you need to conduct the inspection, e.g 3 months, 6 months, year.

In the free form text field you can add an internal link to the Inspection Checklist you have stored in the Document Manager or whatever other details you want to include. (If you haven’t uploaded your checklist into QSToolbox yet, save the schedule first, go upload your checklist, then edit the schedule to add the link)

  1. Search for ‘checklist’
  2. Click on the one you want. The right-most panel will give you more details about the item you selected.
  3. Click OK. This will insert the link into the text field.

Step 3.

Add an Asset Record to store the completed inspection checklist.

Step 4.

Add an Issue for any significant findings. This will make sure you don’t forget, and you can track the resolution of the problem.

Add more schedules…

If you have different work areas or locations with different risks, then they will have different inspection schedules. Just add another Asset Schedule to the same “Workplace” asset. Make the schedule title descriptive so you can tell the difference. e.g. “Workshop Health and Safety Inspection”, “Office Health and Safety Inspection”.

You can also add schedules for other regularly occurring workplace related tasks – e.g. annual insurance renewals.

When you view the records for your “Workplace” asset, you be able to see everything all in one place.

More workplaces?

If you have multiple work locations you may want to create more than one workplace asset to manage the schedules and records for each separately. e.g. “London Depot”, “Melbourne Factory”, “Denver Dealer”. In this case, you might want to create an Asset Type called “workplace” to make reporting a bit easier.

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