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Add an Asset Record

Use asset records to keep a history of maintenance, calibration, upgrades, repairs,... anything and everything related to this asset.

This version of Quality Systems Toolbox is no longer in use. Current documentation for v3 is here.

Use asset records to keep a history of maintenance, calibration, upgrades, repairs,… anything and everything related to this asset.

They might be asset records associated with a schedule you’ve set up, but you can also add asset records for non-scheduled events.

There’s two places you can add an Asset Record:

When you view the asset, go to the ‘records’ tab in the green toolbar and look for the ‘add asset record’ button.


Or go to the schedule you want to create a record for and look for the ‘add record’ button.


Essentially you end up in the same place, except that when you add a record from a schedule, the related schedule will be selected for you.


If you want to attach this record to a schedule and it’s not already selected, select the Related Schedule. If you only have a couple of schedules, you’ll see the list as a ‘radio-button’ selection. If you have a lot of schedules for this asset, the selection list will change to a drop-down list. If the record is not related to a schedule, leave it blank.

You are required to choose a Record Type (marked by a small red square). This list is customisable by your site administrator. The record types should generally match the Schedule types you setup as well as a few extras (e.g. ‘notes’).

Select Who Performed Work. The field will offer up suggestions once you start typing. You may also leave it blank if the work was performed by the same person listed as ‘responsible’ in the related Asset Schedule.

There’s two date fields. The first is the Date the work was performed. This one is required. There’s no restrictions on back-dating so you are able to upload past records.

The other date, Schedule date this record corresponds to (if any) is important if there’s a linked Asset Schedule. You need to select the date the work was scheduled for in order to ‘tick off’ that date. The software can’t do this automatically since the work will sometimes be done early and other times late.

The Attachment field is where you can upload your calibration certificate, maintenance report, upgrade specification sheet, etc. so that the relevant paperwork is stored with the record to make it easy to retrieve.

Add any extra Details to the text field. The first 30 characters will be shown in the records list, so start with a summary statement.

Click Save.

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