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Build a Graphical Interface to Documents
Posted on March 10th, 2014

Some users may be more comfortable using a pictorial menu to retrieve relevant documents. You can build your own custom graphical interface into your management system and make it easier for users to access information from mobile devices.

Compare these two interfaces (bearing in mind there was no graphic designer or artist involved!):

While the listing is automatically generated in QSToolbox, the graphical one must be manually created (and maintained!) using a combination of images and links in a ‘Page’.

You can’t really say that one format is categorically ‘better’ than the other, since it is a matter of “horses for courses”. The searchable listing style is better for automatically managing large numbers of documents. The manually created picture-based menu may be better for less computer-savvy users who only need to access a pre-defined set of documents.

Each image in the graphical interface is a link to a document or another custom menu in QSToolbox. Depending on your needs, you could create multiple levels of these custom navigation pages to allow users to ‘drill down’ into the content they need. Instructions for building a custom navigation page are in our support documentation

To make this the ‘start page’ on workshop computers or tablet/touchscreen devices at convenient access points, you can set the default home page of the browser to be your custom graphical menu page. Once users login, they’ll be taken directly to your custom menu.

If you have any questions about setting up a graphical interface on your QSToolbox site, please contact us.

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